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Save on car rental

"I've been renting with Low Cost for over 2 years off and on while stationed overseas and I couldn't imagine my experience over here without them. I'm gone so often that rentals are really my only option. They've been so kind over the years and helpful with the financial component. Couldn't recommend more!"

Ryan Kindig, via Google

"I’ve been using low cost for the past 3 years and I have nothing to complain about. They are so helpful and quick. I bought my first car ever in the UK from them and I love it. I wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else to get a rental car."

Daniel Graybill, via Google

"Phenomenal customer service.
They are military friendly and aim to give the best rates to AF personnel.
Very happy with their service!
(I’ve been a customer since 2019)"

Torrian Tatum, via Google

"Everyone working at this place are incredibly kind and patient with you. The cars are good quality and if you ever do have any issues with a vehicle, they’re quick to fix it and do an amazing job taking care of you! Would recommend for anyone looking to rent or buy a car!"

Kal Thiessen, via Google

"After having some difficulties with local used car dealerships I went to LCCR and they gave me a great rate, and helped me understand the whole process of renting a car. While figuring out my personal car situation they were there with professionalism and understanding every step of the way."

Jaycie Gaedtke, via Google

"I originally went to another car rental company in the area then switched over to Low Cost Car Rental because their prices were way better and they have a promotion for people who have just arrived in the country. Everyone is super nice in there and I feel like they're all my friends now lol They even picked me up since I didn't have a ride to get to them!"

Alessia Sciullo, via Google

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